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Commitment by the University Management on COVID-19

The university management is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of staff, students, and others within the university campus:

  1. The entire premises of the university campus shall be kept clean and tidy on resumption of academic activities.

  2. All offices, classrooms or lecture halls, laboratories academic centres, workshops, hostels including common rooms and students centres, dining halls, canteens, shops, toilets/bathrooms, stores, table, chairs, cabinets, shelves, other office and lecture apparatuses, and all appurtenances attached to any building within the university campus shall be thoroughly washed and disinfected before resumption of academic activities.

  3. The entire university campus shall be fumigated before resumption of academic activities.

  4. Wash stations are located within the university campus particularly at the main entrance into the university campus, at the entrance of every building or block or laboratory or workshop, with liquid soaps and hand sanitizers.

  5. Electronic thermometers are kept and used at the main entrance to the university campus and two other strategic stations to wit, entrance to the administrative building and the lecture halls.

  6. Posters and flex on Covid-19 protocols are conspicuously displayed at the main gate into the university campus, entrances into all offices, classrooms/lecture halls, laboratories, academic centres, workshops, hotels, common rooms, student centres, dining halls, canteens, shops, and all open arenas in the university.

  7. Canopies set up outside the administrative block to accommodate visitors to the institution during working hours.

  8.  Note: It shall be an offence to allow more than one visitor to sit with a staff of the university in any office while transacting any business within the university premises. Any staff who contravenes this rule shall be disciplined for misconduct in accordance with the university disciplinary regulations

  9. A sensitization seminar shall be mounted for both staff and students on the resumption of academic activities in the university.

  10.  Provision of isolation unit at the university medical centre.

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